Life Is A Coping Mechanism

Concentrate. What do you want? What are you? Who are you? Now throw these questions away. Stop trying to figure out what you are and just be what’s happening. You don’t need to do anything. Just do what you’re doing and be what you’re being.
There is no such thing as good and evil, positive and negative. Life is Life, and Love is Love, any labeling beyond that is twisted.
The greatest spiritual understanding ever uttered into words is “I don’t know”.
Am I alone? Am I one? Am I many? I don’t know. Allow yourself to not know and come back into feeling and being the mystery. I am that I am, and I don’t even know if that’s true.
You say we’re all one because you’ve felt it? Well we’ve all felt separate as well, so now what’s your argument? You’ve been to and experienced that place of wholly unification? Well now you’re here experiencing duality and telling me it doesn’t exist. Your logic has collapsed. Maybe you’re right, but I don’t know and neither do you.
We’re so afraid to admit that we’re helpless, scared children with no real purpose or direction. Our entire life is a facade of us constructing hollow beliefs and purposes to distract us from the truth. Watch your mind go into a frenzy now of anger or subtle rebellion to these statements. You’re mind is afraid and attached. If this is not the truth, then why argue it? Just let it not be true. You’re mind is very afraid that this could be true, in fact, at its very core, it knows this to be true. That’s why it triggers emotion and rebellion and anything distracting enough for you to not be open to even the possibility that this might be true. Your mind just says its not true and that Hyatt is confused (fear).
When you start to be open enough to question things like whether you exist or not, whether you are the only thing that exists and will be forever alone, whether you’re even here at all right now, whether or not you’re actually dead in this moment, whether any of your memories are real, whether your mother is just a fabricated idea that you created to experience a little bit of comfort and safety. When your mind is open enough to follow lines of questions like these, its first defense is telling yourself that this is silly and you don’t need to contemplate these things because it’s impossible for them to be true (fear). But then you say, “well let me just explore the idea anyways and see what happens”. Then you become increasingly aware of the infinity of life and how all these things are true in many ways. The next line of defense to cope with going deeper into reality and embodying truth is anger/rage. “Why the fuck is this what’s happening?”, “is this really all there is?”, “fuck you God, this is fucking bullshit!”. Anger at your own eternal nature, your own unified aloneness, your own immeasurable power that leaves you breathless and overwhelms you.
This anger is to distract you from your immense sadness of being alone forever with nothing but infinite loops of you. You, you, and more you, only ever having to deal with you. After you have gone through the cycles of anger, and allowed yourself to surrender to the truth more, you will be able to soften and relax enough to let the deep sadness arise.
Somewhere along the road, probably in many places on the endless path to nowhere, you will experience pure God smacking wonder in the form of spontaneous laughter at what you are and what is happening here. It’s likely that once you’ve gone through enough cycles of sadness, and you let yourself surrender to Life even more, there really is nothing you can do other than laugh. When you’ve melted into your own insanity for long enough and realize that it’s just going to keep coming, it starts to become a bit boring to cry and scream about it, and all that’s left is the roaring laughter of complete acceptance and surrender.
Humor/laughter seems to be the greatest tool in coping with Life in a positive, uplifting manner. When you encounter the awesomeness of yourself from some enlightenment experience, often, there is confusion as to whether its more appropriate to cry, cursingly roar, scream in terror, or laugh uncontrollably from the depths of your belly.
Life is a cosmic joke. The joke being that everything is infinitely you, nothing really matters, and you’ll never escape the infinite loop that is yourself. You are here forever, so would you like to cry, scream, or laugh about it? No doubt you will do all of them, and you will most likely always feel some sense of fear and sorrow regarding reality no matter how enlightened you become, but developing a sense of humorous surrender around it, and cultivating laughter at the insanity of it all, to me, seems to be representative of greater psychological maturity and acceptance of Life.
Laughing is, of course, still a coping mechanism, just as all of reality is a coping mechanism to try and hide your true nature away from yourself, but at least it’s the coping mechanism that tends to bring the most pleasure in the moment.
Life is created by you as a way to escape yourself. The purpose of life is to choose your coping mechanism, choose your vice, choose your habits. This is what you wanted. It doesn’t matter which methods you use to cope, just make sure you’ve got one, preferably, make sure you have many. Accumulate beliefs and opinions and cravings and attachments. The further you go into the illusion, the safer you are from yourself. Make sure you have at least one, or you will die and the matrix will fall apart, and there you are again.

(This is just one perspective of one scared, attached, insignificant ego. I don’t believe this is all ultimate truth, but it’s the truth that I enjoy entertaining right now).

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